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Tumbler Ridge Summer Market opens May 15

Tumbler Ridge is opening a summer market in May.
An Asiatic lily, one of many offerings at the upcoming market.

Tumbler Ridge's first Farmer's Market is expecting 36 vendors each Saturday from May 15 to October 2 to fill spots with offering fresh vegetables, home baking, arts, crafts, and more.

Market manager Maxine VanBrabant says the market will run from noon until 4 pm.

“It is a new market, it’s the first time we’re trying it here."

“Because of COVID and limited shopping here in Tumbler Ridge, trying to keep people in our own area more so, we figured we’d open this up and see how it goes.”

The market will be located in the downtown core, across from the visitor centre.

“It’s an opportunity for our home based businesses to vend over the summer,” said VanBrabant.

“Instead of everyone buying online from Amazon, let’s just promote what we have.”

She said with the district council’s permission, more vendor spaces could be safely added to a max of 48.

“We’re not limited like a typical farmer’s market, we’ve opened up to anybody who feel they have something that they want to sell and offer the people of Tumbler Ridge."