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Tumbler Ridge has new mayor, council

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Tumbler Ridge has spoken.

It was shaping up to be a four horse race – but voters only saw two candidates running. Keith Bertrand is the mayor-elect in Tumbler Ridge, picking up 251 votes to Don McPherson’s 238. Garret Golhof garnered 162 votes, while Jerrilyn Schembri picked up 114, for 14 percent of Tumble Ridge votes in the race for mayor.

Chris Norbury, Curtis Miedzinski, and Bernie Lehmann will join incumbents Darryl Krakowka, Will Howe, and Joanne Kirby.


Tumbler Ridge mayor

Keith Bertrand 251

Don McPherson - Incumbent 238

Garret Golhof 163

Jerrilyn Schembri 114


Councillor candidates

Chris Norbury - 611

Bernie Lehmann - 532

Darryl Krakowka - Incumbent - 502

Curtis Miedzinski - 448

Will Howe - Incumbent - 426

Joanne Kirby - Incumbent- 396

* * *

Monty Hendrickson - 343

Stacey Lajeunesse - 214

Barry Blackman - 139