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Women’s Institute: Pouce BBQs and DC fall fairs

Hello again. This time we would like you to know about some of the learning experiences that WI members have taken advantage of.

Hello again.  This time we would like you to know about some of the learning experiences that WI members have taken advantage of.  

One from quite a while ago was our radio program which we hosted every Saturday morning for 30 years!  I’m sure many of you will remember the theme song Verna Braden used – English Country Garden, to introduce this half hour country radio show.  The WI hostess chose the music, usually seasonal, and planned the program.  It could include local WI interests, as well as news from the provincial and national level.  Over the years, many other members gained experience by hostessing this popular show.  Ellen Mathews, Joan Clarke, Ruth Veiner, Charlotte Odden, Ruth Fenner, Wilma Adams, Evelyn Sewell, Olive Roussel, and Patsy Nagel, to name a few.  We really appreciated radio station CJDC allowing us this half hour on the air each week.

WI members were always looking for things to learn.  Landry WI members took lessons on CPR and even learned the correct procedures for small children and infants.   Another time they took a food safe course which was beneficial in catering at funerals, teas, and other celebrations.  

WI have always supported community events and enjoyed decorating a float to enter in the local parades, in the Pouce Coupe Barbeque Parade on July first and the Dawson Creek Fall Fair parade in August.  We have always supported the local fall fair by helping with entries and judging, as well as sponsoring classes, such as the Adelaide Hoodless Rose class, a vegetable collection class and a Gluten free baking class.  Toms Lake WI maintained the pie booth at the PC BBQ for several years. Many 4-H clubs benefited from WI sponsoring them and members often served as leaders and judges.  

Women’s Institute members became involved in promoting Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) as many students were not aware of where their food comes from and the importance of preserving the agricultural land for producing food.  The provincial Women’s Institute picked up on this project and promoted AITC throughout the province.  We are now proud to say that the AITC foundation now is very active in promoting agriculture and they have summer programs for teachers to learn how to teach agriculture and promote careers in agriculture to high school students.  Classroom teachers can obtain materials to use in their classrooms from the AITC Foundation, most of it free of charge.

Yes, we have a variety of interests, don’t you think?  We would like to thank the Editor of the Mirror, Rob Brown, for printing news of WI during the month of February.  We really appreciate it.  And remember, we are happy to have questions and welcome visitors and new members.  That phone number for Patsy is, 250 784-0050 and Ruth Veiner is 250 782-5041.  Hope to hear from you soon.