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PRRD lending 1,500 gallon water truck to fight provincial fires

Lent out to help fight British Columbia forest fires.
20190911 forest fire mnrf
Forest fire, Photo courtesy MNRF.

The PRRD will be lending out a 1,500 gallon water tanker from the Charlie Lake Fire Department to help fight forest fires throughout BC.

The decision came at their July 22 board meeting, with directors adding that conversations regarding mutual aid and local need happen first before fully releasing the equipment.

Dawson Creek Mayor Dale Bumstead says the PRRD would benefit from a regional strategy, noting mutual aid agreements already exist among the region’s fire departments.

“We get these requests and it’s in the time of an emergency, we all try to be there in any way possible to help support it, but I really believe we need to have a regional strategy,” said Bumstead.

Fort St John Mayor Lori Ackerman said the motion should only be for the 2021 fire season.

“I think it should go no further until we have a regional plan,” said Ackerman.

Electoral Area D Director Leonard Hiebert says it could be added as a clause within the mutual aid agreements. 

"It doesn't have to be something complicated - it's as simple as an email or phone call and it can all be done I feel within a few minutes to get done. But we need to have that in place and I think setting up that in place wouldn't take long either."

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