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PRRD approves $60,000 snow cat grant contribution request

Replacing their 23 year-old snow-cat with newer model

The PRRD will contribute $60,000 to a $400,000 snow cat for the Bear Mountain Nordic Ski Association.

Directors approved a $60,000 grant request from the Association to assist purchasing a newer model at their rural budget meeting on July 15, but say they’d to see organizations reach out more to local municipalities for funding.

Area D director Leonard Hiebert say he had no issue funding the request, he would have liked to have seen the association at least ask the City of Dawson Creek.

“I have no problem funding this, but the majority of the people using this is from the municipality. I believe this in partnership with the city is something that we can do fairly easily, but we have to at least be willing to ask them for a portion of it.”

The funds will go to replacing their 23 year old snow-cat at a total cost of $407,000, as repairs are too costly to keep using the aging equipment.

Area E director Dan Rose says it’s not just the association they would like to see ask for support from local municipalities.

“We’re asking everybody to get a little more in line before we do our budgeting with this kind of stuff, and this is kinds out of the blue, it would have been nice to see this a few months ago,” he said, adding if funding continues at this level, taxpayers should be consulted with.

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