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Sarah McLachlan guitarist performs Beaverlodge Monday

Sean Ashby tours.
Twang. And don't forget slide.
Twang. And don't forget slide.

Twang and Slide is hitting VERA.

Why would anyone travel with seven axes?  In the case of Sean Ashby it is because he has room for only seven guitars while on the road.

In the middle of his Twang and Slide Tour, Sean Ashby plays the VERA House Concert Series at the Beaverlodge Public Library on Monday, July 17.

Sean honed his craft playing lead guitar for Sarah McLachlan for several years.  Check the liner notes on the original Lilith Fair, Mirrorball or Afterglow albums and you’ll see Sean’s name.

Now Sean is touring on his own, switching from style to style to style on his multitude of guitars.  With flowing ease, Sean ranges from the slide of the blues on his Weissenborn to the twang of surf rock on his Stratocaster.

Don Albright, organizer for the VERA Series, says this will be an exceptional opportunity for local plankspankers to pick up riffs from a seasoned performer. 

"Those of us who don’t play guitar will have a mini musical festival with Sean’s eclectic mix of genres.”

The doors of the Beaverlodge Library will reopen at 7:00 P.M. on Monday July 17 for the concert.  Music will begin at 7:30.  

More information can be obtained from the Library at 780-354-2569.