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GoMack been keeping buyers coming back for 50 years

When I connect with GOMACK family – they are collectively prepping to get animals ready for next month’s Bull sale at Vold Jones Vold in Dawson Creek.

When I connect with GOMACK family – they are collectively prepping to get animals ready for next month’s Bull sale at Vold Jones Vold in Dawson Creek.

 “We are getting the bulls ready for March’s Bull sale at Dawson Creek,” says Tawnya Gough, Kenny’s daughter. Scott and Tawnya’s children represent the fourth generation of Mackenzie’s. 


But before we look forward with Gomack, we have to go back.

In 1962 the Mackenzie Brothers sensed a change was needed in their cattle operation, as a result, we purchased the first Registered Red Angus Herd in Canada and I purchased additional females as well,” says Kenny Mackenzie to the Northern Horizon.

 From 1962 to 1968 the Canadian Angus Association would not recognize Red Angus Cattle to register so their cattle were registered with American Red Angus Association (USA). In 1968 was a big step forward in history when the Canadian Angus Association opened their books to register the Red Angus Cattle.

“During this same time frame, my brother Rodney took our cattle to the shows, where I would meet up with him to help after teaching school. It was very difficult showing because the Red Angus Cattle were not accepted yet. My brother Rodney had a special something about him –he did the best he could to win—and we did! “We pulled through coming up on top winning Grand and Reserve Championships putting Red Angus Cattle in the limelight,” he adds. “Rodney was willing to help other breeders if they needed help and did many more things to help that were unseen by others. Soon it became a “family” of showing, everyone looking out for each other.” 

  In 1971 was the First Production Sale of Registered Red Angus Cattle in Canada at our Ranch in Mountain View, Alberta. Prior to 1971, I sold a bull calf to Cuba. 

“In 1972 I went to Mobile, Alabama, to purchase cattle for the Mackenzie Brothers-- a total of 35 head. I also have purchased cattle in Texas, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. We’ve been pretty much everywhere there was a Red Angus,” Mackenzie says: “If we heard about a red animal, we went to check it out.” 

 At the Canadian Red Round Up in 1977, Ken was presented a plaque for the Highest Selling Female award. 

“Our Daughter, Kansie Kae, was crowned as the Canadian Angus Queen in 1981.”

 In 1998 the Mackenzie family was awarded the Alberta Century Farm and Ranch award for 100 years of family ranching on the Mackenzie homestead.

Mackenzie has received many awards along with his brothers such as: an award presented by the Red Angus Association of America in 1979 for the Annual Pioneer Breeder Award; also awarded the 50 most influential breeders award by the American Red Angus Association; Honorary Presidents award by the Canadian Angus Ass. in 2004; again in 2006 the Alberta Angus Hall of Fame inductee award; then in 2017, 50 years of membership in Canadian Angus Association, to which he has a lifelong membership.

 “After my brother Rodney passed away, my showing days slowed down, until our sons were old enough to help. They both completed the 4-H Program, bringing home Grand and Reserve champion banners with our Red Angus Cattle. Then Showing cattle continued on into our Grandchildren, traveling from fair to fair, and also completing the 4-H program, bringing home Grand and Reserve champion banners. I am very proud of them all, they achieve more than just winning, they developed traits of their Great / Uncle Rodney being a “Family” of showing,” says Mackenzie. 

 The “Family showing” continued on with my Mackenzie Red Angus herd. In 2009 we received Bronze medalist at the Worlds Angus Forum and Supreme Grand Champion at the BC Angus Gold show, with our 50T bull. We have won many awards, ribbons, and banners with our cattle over the years. But I think the high light of my showing was winning the Supreme Grand Champion Bull. 

The herd was later transferred to his daughter, Tawnya Gough- Mackenzie, and her family- Scott, Braydon and Kaily Gough, with their registered herd established in 2008 as:  GOMACK Red Angus.

“Now in 2021, I am celebrating 50 years of the longest Annual Registered Red Angus Bull sale. Many times, you will hear me being quoted ‘Cattle have always been a big part of my life, and will continue to be to my last day, they have never hurt me’,” adds Kenny.


Looking forward with Gomack: 

Fourth generation Gomack, and Kenny’s grandson Braydon Gough handles much of the 21st century genetics-related work. Braydon is a veteran himself, first getting into the business more than 14 years ago now. “It all started when I bought my first heifer Red Pasquia Dyna Queen 31U in 2008. Her Progeny are amazing, and convinced Grandpa to hit more shows, winning many Grand champion banners, and high sellers, she is still in my herd today.” Says Braydon. 

Braydon and Kaily started the shows in 2009, to present. We have attended shows from Smithers BC, Dawson Creed Ag Fair, to Olds Synergy, Fall Classic, Beef Congress, and Red Round up, “seeing the kids out there doing what they love, makes for a very special moment, with all the prep that goes in before hand, the nerves they overcome and persistence to keep going, we are very proud of them” Tawnya says.

 Mom Tawnya says the family aspect has always been a key fuel in getting the Gomack brand Going. “Back in the Mountain View days she recalls– we would be playing basketball while getting ready for the Big Homestead 3-day Female sale, which included a cowboy golf tournament, big BBQ supper and an old fashion Barn Dance.” Braydon says the Gomack team is looking past March as they will be having a Female sale around October, to which we are hoping to bring back its roots, making it a Family affair, and “the Homestead Female sale” the Mackenzie’s got known for. 

“Everyone has a hand to play and role to do, in the cattle business. Things like pasture management, fencing, and day to day chores, it never stops,” says Braydon’s father Scott, who started his commercial herd in 2002. Sister Kaily also has a hand in the family business – while a beautician by trade, a pandemic keeps her more at home these days, but showing off her trade, she is a big part in grooming and cleaning the bulls ready for picture day. She is Braydon’s worst, but best critique.  

When Ken Mackenzie retired, GOMACK then moved to Whitelaw, AB to continue the G.O.M.A.C.K (GOugh – MACKenzie) Herd.

Grandpa brought priceless knowledge and great genetics to his herd, “says Braydon, who hopes to bring a touch of the past to this years Bull sale with 50 years and 3 generations under the Gomack belt in 2021. The family can trace pedigrees of this year’s animals back to that original Cheroviann bloodline of 1962.

Kenny says the fifty years will be celebrated in the way Gomack knows – with a sale! “Come the second week in March, we will be there in BC in some form or fashion for the big 50th year with 50% off one bull - sale.”

“Once you Gomack, you’ll always come back!