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Stand Up, Stop the Tyranny!

Dear editor - “ We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it. ” -William Faulkner On Dec 5 th , 2020 at 11am, concerned citizens in Dawson Creek held a peaceful freedom rally at the Art Gallery located on Alaska Avenue.
Just over 100 people rallied against many issues.

Dear editor - 


We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.” -William Faulkner 

On Dec 5th, 2020 at 11am, concerned citizens in Dawson Creek held a peaceful freedom rally at the Art Gallery located on Alaska Avenue. We stood in unity with other protests around the world against government overreach, creating policy based off of false data or misinterpreted data, and with those protests across Canada because of the fear mongering and the spread of propaganda by this Liberal government [1] 


Please be advised that this is a peaceful rally, no violence/vandalism or bullying will be tolerated from any of the participants, however should violence be offered to any participant we reserve the right to stand in defense of our persons. We will be observing safety protocols and social distancing. 


We stand against mandatory masking and lock downs, both of which have been proven ineffective time after time and because many studies indicate that masking is not effective, this policy is being based on false data. [4][5][6][7] We are not against mask wearing, we are against the enforcement of masking and lock downs. It should be the individuals choice, there are many people who cannot and should not wear masks and yet are being forced to or risk losing services.   

We stand against mandatory vaccinations, vaccination ID’s, or the possibility of either, even though we are not anti-vaccine. We firmly believe in the choice of the individual, everyone has a different physiology and should not be forced into a ‘treatment’ that could be possibly harmful to them. 

We stand against the persecution of our religious communities, there is no reason for churches or worship services to be shutdown especially when they are observing all regulations in regards to social distancing, masking and sanitizing. Again, we stand for the rights and choices of the individual, church services bring hope and comfort to all who attend, that is just as important as eating the nutritious and wholesome foods churches provide to the needy and homeless.[8][9][10] 

We stand against the policy of the Great Reset[2], outlined by the World Economic Forum, which will destroy everything that Canadians have built and sacrificed for or earned with their blood, sweat and tears. 

We stand against Agenda 2030, which is the re-imaged version of Agenda 21. The entirety of the soft policy gives all governments entirely too much power over the individual and their assets. In order to be implemented, it will force a global wealth redistribution[3]; the individual will no longer exist and instead will be forced into a collective. The freedoms and rights we enjoy today will be non-existent. 


Last but definitely not least, we stand for HOPE, we stand for our Senior Citizens, our disabled, our homeless, those who are tipping on the edge of suicide and those feeling lost and alone in this troubling time. THEY need us to stand up and say, the cure is worse than the disease. How many must die from failure to thrive, neglect, lack of care and contact? We are social beings and we crave human contact, we need to touch, hug and speak to each other for our own mental, emotional and spiritual needs. We need to be with our families, everyday not just on the holidays or special occasions, we need to be able to go and help out those in need and not be fined for it[11]. 

The government is promising ‘safety and security’ in exchange for your rights. “It’s just two weeks” has turned into nearly a year, the country has been locked down for the majority of that time. People have lost their jobs, homes, families or are on the brink of losing it all. Religious freedoms are being suppressed, gun control laws that are nonsensical are being passed, we are losing our freedoms of expression and the government plans on policing Canadians on the internet[12] The CERB that was given out has many strings attached, most of which will be felt at tax time. Justin Trudeau has spent Canada into near bankruptcy, most of which wasn’t even spent in Canada; who will pay for it?

This cannot stand any longer, every Canadian stands to lose it all. Stand up, Stop the Tyranny!

Christina Vivone Flowers


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