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On writing - almost anything

Local movie premiere next week. Each of its 75 minutes - is exclusively a local, made in the Peace product.
Sukunka real final
A robust and local cast, crew, as well as set locations.

On June 23, 1981 my father took me to Superman II. Of course I don’t remember the movie at the time - I was 3.5 years old. However the experience left an indelible mark - as did renting VCRs before purchasing them in the early 80s.

The renting VHS like Raiders, Blade Runner, Jaws, Masters of the Universe, Flash Gordon. Going to movies like Red Sonja, or Top Gun and Secret of My Success with friends became part of what was going on.

Being the son of a career Air Force man we as a family were able to travel the world in my early years. By the time Top Gun landed in 1986 - I was living on an air base not to dissimilar.

When Superman, or James Bond in A View to a Kill saved the day at the San Francisco Bridge, and the Eiffel Tower, I’d already been to these real world sets. I had been standing in Return of the Jedi’s Endor, before there was an Endor.

The point is these real world locations, in addition to all the creativity going on - on camera, captured my imagination and made me want to write words down. Creative stories, scripts, reporting, acting, producing, poetry, photography, music, directing, and more.

To me it all comes from the same creative stew - telling stories.

Writing each day started in late 1993. Writing for newspapers and Academia started in 1996/97. Daily theatre work leading to 2/3/4 productions a year got added to the portfolio in late 2003, and the last ten years (as Facebook memories points out to me this week) were mainly filled with massive live theatre spectacles with 20 person casts. Daily film writing was added in 2012 after almost a decade of film acting.

Here and now. Over the last three years there has been a full length reverential to the 1980s movie shooting in the South Peace - Sukunka the motion picture. It involves some 25 people on camera, another half dozen behind the camera, and about 10 or so musicians providing score or original songs.

All very creative people doing very creative things. While it is overtly a local cast and production up here in 'Hollywood North Xtreme', and produced by the Village of Pouce Coupe and myself, we were stepping in Hollywood waters ever so slightly.

Director of Sword and the Sorceror, and Cyborg Albert Pyun offered up some real editing and cutting advice on the initial trailer, while we were toying with a Pink Floyd backing singer for one of the songs, as well as a French pop-singer. Voices and more for the next movie.

Over these three years of production time, some cast members have had children, gotten divorced, grown up, a business/set we shot in has closed after 100 years, one cast has moved away, and another of the cast has passed on.

And we all had a pandemic in there as well - which more or less lost us a year of filming. Six years ago (almost to the day, again, thanks to Facebook memories) I attended the Sukunka Awakening electronic dance music festival.

The scene and score captured my imagination - Sukunka: the motion picture is finished and ready for a red carpet premiere August. 1 at Center Cinema. Join us.

As an ‘artistic statement’ - this movie is my artistic reaction to arriving in the Peace region in early 2016, and it gets to be painted on simply one of the largest creative canvasses I can ever expect to work on.

A great cast and crew, some brand new, and a couple reaching back more than 20 years into my past are along for the ride.

As far as what you are going to see on screen?

It’s a 75 minute comedic mix of action and adventure - with the Village of Pouce Coupe, and about 25 more odd locations throughout the wider South Peace region as perhaps the most important character - the setting, scenes, and locations of the movie.

Sukunka: the motion picture comes out public for a couple screenings on August 1 at 7 and 9pm in Dawson Creek before it goes away for some more intimate invite screenings and a full round of festival submissions, before coming out larger and public-like on a much larger platform or two this fall.

Come on out, #shoplocal and #watchlocal.