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NICHOLS: through two world wars and then some

If my memory still serves me, elements of the Great Reset have been tried elsewhere.
Rosmarie Vonah - Aug. 25, 2020 blue sky with clouds
Rise. (via Rosmarie Vonah)

My parents lived through two world wars and a decade-long depression. They were tough, resilient pioneers with a vision and a purpose but after experiencing the CCF (leftist) government in Saskatchewan they loaded up and moved to a more hopeful country in the valley of the Pine River. Life was still challenging but they had hope and incentive to move ahead.

Aside from modernization of the country, things did not change much over the next 70 years. My generation still had hope and incentive to work, develop our private assets, and contribute to the welfare of the greater community.

We believed in freedom of the individual within the concept of freedom for all. Naturally, as the population increased, certain liberties which we might have taken for granted had to be modified to accommodate the liberties of our neighbours. It didn’t require a government order to understand that my freedom ended where your nose began. Common sense would dictate our limitations.

We believed in freedom: of thought, of assembly, of movement, of religion, of speech, of ownership; we believed in the sanctity of life and knew when life began. Fresh out of a brutal war to defend our liberties against the designs of a maniac, we were not quick to relax our grip on these defining elements of humanity.

But time passed as time does. New generations came on the scene, generations that knew not the history of liberty or who chose to forget it in the quest for the good life.

And now we are where we are and the scene is no longer hopeful. The security for which we traded our freedom has slipped out of our grasp and left us without even the good life,

Where is our freedom of thought, the freedom to weigh the evidence, make an informed decision, and give informed consent? It’s gone. How can we make informed decisions when information is withheld, censored, when big media shuts down anything that does not conform with its uninformed policies? 

Uninformed? But of course. Big media is not run by science. It’s run by hubris and mammon.

Assembly? Informed by big media, big government has seriously limited our ability to get together as human beings. We are social creatures who require social contact, not social distancing. And did you notice? None of the efforts of big media and big government to restrict our association are effective in putting the brakes on covid.

Movement? Same thing. The more desperate big government gets to demonstrate that it is doing something to protect the citizens, the more draconian its measures to limit our freedom. Still it doesn’t work.

Even religion is under attack. Why religion? Big government knows that the most powerful force for freedom is free religion. For a government intent on growing its power, religion is the enemy number one. China understands this clearly in the present. Castro’s Cuba did its worst to stamp out religion for the same reason. The communist experiment in the Soviet Union and Easter Europe also saw religion as the prime enemy of the state and brutally suppressed its expression.

  Nothing much has changed for those governments intent on seizing power upon power.

Speech? We soon will see the extent to which our big government will go to shut down free speech under the pretext of protecting our feelings.

Ownership? The Great Reset is being planned. The Honourable Prime Minister has recognized the covid event as the opportunity big government needed to set the wheels turning. Without intervention, most people under the age of 70 will see it put into operation. According to the World Economic Forum, you will then own nothing and be happy for that condition.

If my memory still serves me, elements of the Great Reset have been tried elsewhere within living memory with disastrous results: death by starvation of millions.

Not a happy prospect.

Finally, what about the sanctity of life? We have had a few decades to work on that one at the start of life. Now it’s the turn of those at the end of life. The experts are telling us now that it’s time to check out when we reach 75. The vacancy leaves room for the next generation. OK. So I am knocking on the door of 81. Will my exit be voluntary – or involuntary like that of those who are checked out before they check in?

This whole scene is a monstrous violation of our humanity that cannot be mended.

Maybe checking out at 75 is the lesser of evils.

But before we do anything rash, consider this ancient prophesy: “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.

“Behold, I make all things new. These words are true and faithful.”