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NICHOLS: the long and the short of it

An alternative to living in fear - it’s called living with trust and hope.
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Once upon a time there was a wise man called Solomon, a king, and very rich indeed, who gave us many proverbs long and short.

As Solomon the wise advises us: whatever your hand finds to do, put into doing it your energy your thought your vision your passion, because where you are headed and going fast there is no “work or device or knowledge or wisdom” (Ecclesiastes 9:10). What? Nothing? I’m just reporting the gist of the wise man’s words as I read them.

I’m not responsible for what they say! I’m not irresponsible either; I would be if I failed to share them with you. You might question why a guy like me would choose to muse about death. I would respond, “Why not?” It seems that a destination to which all of humanity appear to be headed should receive a little publicity while brain function lasts. We have been terrorized these last 18 or so months.

Governments the world around with the zealous and effective help of the main-stream media have been putting energy and passion, if not a lot of thought and vision into scaring the hell out of us with the fear of death by covid. All the time not pausing to reflect that this thing commonly thought to be hell does not exist – at least I can find no evidence for its existence. It’s got to be a fabricated tale of an imaginary destination reserved for the bad to generate fear and compliance. Seems like some things never change!

Our governments have learned and practiced their Thomas Hobbes (control by fear) very well indeed. Chronic fear produces compliance like nothing else can do. But what do we have to fear? Fear itself is our greatest enemy. Fear strangles our minds, blockades our ambitions, stifles our drive, thwarts the achievement of our fondest hopes, and potentially can prevent entry into God’s eternal kingdom of love. And the world has lived a year and a half in the nest of fear. What can possibly hatch from such a nest? Except more fear?

So life is short, like a squirrel’s life and death is long, really, really long but n ot as funny. We and the squirrel will go to the same place when death knocks. Is that so? How can it be? Indeed. Made from the same elements of the earth, without life we simply return to earth: molecules of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, magnesium, and other elements, indistinguishable from those of the once-chattering squirrel.

Unless... Yes, there is an alternative to living in fear. It’s called living with trust and hope. “But,” you protest, “you don’t give me anything to hope for or in. Returning to the dust like a chattering squirrel! Where’s the focus of hope?” Granted. I can’t cut off the essay here. That would leave me looking like Richard Dawkins or one of his disciples.

No, Richard and I are on entirely different wavelengths. He is proud to bill himself as a materialist, an atheist, a god denier. He’s written multiple books to support his position and convince the public who might be sitting on the fence – weak and unconvincing arguments to be sure, but popular nevertheless. I, on the other hand, am not a materialist. I believe in a Creator who takes a personal interest in the affairs of each individual on earth.

As Creator, He has given each of us free will, the ability to choose whom we will serve – and there are only two options, not more. You will believe in a Creator who cares about you, or not. There’s no third option. “Still you haven’t fixed the problem of being like the dead squirrel when I die. Where’s the reason not to fear death?”

Good point.

Our Creator keeps a record of our DNA and has a wake-up time planned for all who have put their trust in the Creator, who is really Jesus Christ; a wake-up call for all who have died from covid or cancer or bubonic plague or hunger or government brutality or from tired old age – it really doesn’t matter. We will hear His voice and come out of the graves alive in the vitality of immortal youth to live forever – as real, flesh-and-bone human beings – not as vague, ghostly spirits riding a cloud.

That’s what the Book says, not Dawkins’ book, but the Good Book. We have only two options, not three. We can believe Dawkins’ hopeless case, or the only other option, the Creator who cares for us. What happens to fear when you put your trust in the Creator? It goes.

The governments with the help of the popular media have worked to create a climate of fear that reduces us to compliant toadies. Don’t let it happen to you. Live in the peace that your Creator freely gives you.

That’s the long and short of it.