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NICHOLS: a foray into the election debate

Mr. Trudeau, Mr. O’Toole, you men listening?
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Or wake up and smell the smoke. The starting gun has fired and the race is on.

We have essentially two choices: A continuation and upgrading of authoritarian rule or a return to a semblance of democracy. Why would we vote for Mr. Trudeau and his rule? A cursory examination of his record should turn Canadians to the alternative, that semblance of democracy in the opposition.

Let’s look at a few of the signature indicators of Mr. Trudeau’s values and intended direction: Mr. Trudeau openly confessed to admiring the Communist Party of China and its “basic dictatorship.” Hmmm. That can bode no good for Oh Canada, our home and native land!

On the domestic front, his deep silence as so many Christian churches suffered vandalism or the torch indicates whatever you choose to call it – none of it worthy of a Prime Minister.

With Mr. Trudeau’s further shredding of our cherished Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (La Charte canadienne de droits et libertés) with the promise of mandatory vaccination and internal vaccine passports by October 31, we should have no voting hesitancy as we mark the ballot for our remaining vestiges of democracy (whatever view you hold on vaccines).

When we add to the record his temporarily interrupted efforts to further limit our rights of communication and access to information there should be no question on how we will mark our ballots, none at all. Under Mr. Trudeau’s watch science, itself, took a tragic beating (with the enthusiastic help of the government-funded media outlets). This unmitigated assault on science probably exacerbated the effect of the covid event. You didn’t know?

Well, surely you knew that for science to prosper and arrive at truth there must be an open meeting of the minds and examination of the trail of evidence in fair debate. This has been prohibited under the Trudeau experiment with “basic dictatorship” communist style.

Oh, Canada! The majority may be noisy but is not always right. And the unashamed fear mongering of the government-funded media outlets should shame us all! (Can’t you media noise makers hear yourselves?) Under a democracy-practicing government this is not tolerated. But it is a favorite tool of every “basic dictatorship” and has been for generations. Drop your minds back about three years or so and recall Mr. Trudeau’s blatant attempt to rob us of our religious freedom with his requirement for submission to his social values for recipients of Summer Student grants.

How quickly we forget! Do try to remember. And then we have SNC-Lavalin, WE, the purges that would make Mao proud of those brilliant members who opposed the PM, the India fiasco, inflation, labour shortage, and occasional forays of dubious ethical merit to tropical paradise. But there are more, many more. Oh, Mr. Trudeau, you still want to be PM? We could laugh if our own futures were not so closely linked to yours. Hold on a moment!

Are our futures linked to yours in more than a superficial way? Not really, if at all. You might not be aware, Mr. Trudeau, you seem to be unaware of a lot of things, but the outcome of this election is not really in your hands – or in your mouth, or smile, or antics. According to Scripture, the Most High rules in the kingdoms of humanity and gives the kingdom to whomever He chooses.

In our economy He gives it through the ballot. We might not always like His choice; we might wish He had chosen someone else to discipline the population. But the Most High knows best and maybe He has a few lessons to teach us voters about dependence on Him. I would guess that He does. Do we care? I care! Freedom of my conscience, and yours, is as important as food for me. This is the reason I am going to use the reasoning power that the Most High has given me and vote to eject Mr. Trudeau from office. I may be overruled since I can’t read the mind of the Most High.

It’s entirely possible. I will live with the outcome. But in the meantime and, as I’ve hinted on other occasions, time can be mean; it gouges deep lines in my face. But these lines have stories to tell to those who will listen. In the meantime, I will not spend a lot of my energy trying to guess who is going to get the nod from the Most High. I will wait with some degree of patience. But if you must, review with dispassionate care the record of the incumbent PM and let the Most High guide your conscience. Or sleep on!

Oh, by the way, in the words of Nebuchadnezzar, king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire about 2600 years ago: “...the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He will, and sets over it the lowest of men” (Daniel 4:17 NKJV).

Mr. Trudeau, Mr. O’Toole, you men listening?