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LETTER: Motivation with intelligence ?!?

IQ and ethics, writes a reader.
Use your head.

Greta Thunberg coming to Canada and the US to talk about global warming when Canada and the US are not the problem? India and China are the countries that need to check out their ecological problems.

Over population and pollution is causing their own problems.

Why can’t the media and the politicians get the truth? Are they not smart enough? Or are they being manipulated by the media and money mongers. The medical, financial and media all need a lesson in ethics, or maybe it should be to check out their IQ.

How about this COVID-19 virus – where did this come from? Environment causes the disease in cattle, horses, dogs, and people. Why? Pollution! This is not about racism this is about logic. Clean it up - wherever the problem is or be ready for more problems to come. IQ should be our guiding light.

Our future relies on our IQ! Or should this be a question of ethics? What kind of environment are we creating for our own young people for education, health, and employment? Let’s not make the mistake other countries are making. Let us keep ethics and IQ right at the top of the list. Let’s be survivors with ethics and IQ.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent on archaeology and space travel.  If that were spent on ecology we would not be suffering from this virus today. Ecology – not archaeology.

Look ahead – not backwards.

Ken Cameron