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LANGEVIN: the door to darkness

Part IV.
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We close these doors by keeping ourselves from our sins through obedience to God, guarding our motives, and walking in the love of Christ. It is the same for our nation. (Shutterstock)

In the first article of this series I addressed in general terms the topic, "Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? I did, however, omit one very critical influential aspect, the existence of evil and the spiritual forces of darkness.

These account for most all the bad things that happen in the world around us (aside from natural phenomena), especially when exercised by people. And no, that does not negate their responsibility and guilt. By the very choices we make we either open or close the doors to evil forces. The Bible calls it the kingdom of Darkness, and the devil, Satan, is their leader.

Their goal is to cause as many as possible to fall, to be harmed, to be destroyed. We are either working for them, or against them. We are the ones who open or close the doors in our lives personally, and as a society. How are those doors opened, and how are they closed? As for our lives personally, we open the doors to evil and the associated spirits by breaking God's laws and ignoring His commands. For instance if we entertain lying, cheating, theft, sexual immorality, idolatry, debauchery...we are also opening the door to evil powers, which will adversely affect those around us. As for being used by the devil against others, when we open the doors to selfishness, greed, hate, anger, rebellion, witchcraft, we become more directly tools of the devil. In all cases we become both victims and ponds of evil spirits.

We close these doors by keeping ourselves from our sins through obedience to God, guarding our motives, and walking in the love of Christ. It is the same for our nation. As citizens, if we forsake moral integrity, our behavior and reasoning becomes an open door to destructive powers. Furthermore, moral decadence enables people of questionable character to slip into power and places of influence, who then allow or promote things that are destructive to the fibre of our society.

Due to the lack of knowledge and the fear of God, we become subject not only to the whims and ideals of people, but also as the Bible says, "to the doctrines of demons" who gain access into our society by the doors we leave open. Individuals and nations deteriorate from within. With this in view, the Bible teaches us that our battle is NOT against flesh and blood.

How can we tell in our personal lives that we have opened the door? We can tell by our thoughts, desires, and behavior, if they contradict the Scriptures and the character of Jesus Christ, and by our inability to escape them once we yield to them. We can tell in our society that we have opened the door by a continued loss of freedom, the devaluation of human life, oppression, injustice, lack of peace, and the increasing immoral and corrupt conduct. Don't get me wrong. Not only in secular realms can this occur, but even religious dominated societies if our religion steers us from the love and character of Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible - Sorry. Jesus said, "You can know then by their fruits."

It matters not what we say and how good we sound, it is our actions that declare what manner of people we are.

HOW DO WE ESCAPE PERSONAL CORRUPTION? - By turning from our sins and believing on the Lord Jesus Christ Who paid for those sins. Then follow Him.

HOW DO WE ESCAPE SOCIAL CORRUPTION? - By prayer, holy living, walking in the love of Christ, and by refusing to join the crowd in an evil thing. Sin and evil, like a disease will run its course until it destroys its host and all associated targets - unless by Divine Intervention, and by our repentance we close the door.

Not all wrong actions will end in demonic control, but there is a line. Opening the door to sinful/dark behavior is like exposing ourselves to parasites, plagues, and predators. That is a high price to pay to get our own way.