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KUCHARUK: the hate we give

Now we have turned on one another – there are no winners.
Loud noises. Online as well.

Last week’s announcement regarding the vaccine passport and reintroduction of the mask mandate only served to widen the societal chasm that has been created during the pandemic.

Families torn apart by differing ideologies; long term friendships ending; relationships forever fractured; careers ending. During the 1960’s, the biggest threat to mankind was a war between super-powers. In the early 2000’s we were under threat from terrorists.

Now we have turned on one another – there are no winners. We are constantly on edge, waiting to respond to someone who might disagree. We cannot even carry on a civilized, rational conversation without resorting to name calling and ALL CAPS.

Someone better find that light at the end of the tunnel before we implode. Why so much hate? I cannot believe that this hatred and nastiness has always been lurking below the surface and that it has only became unleashed because of Covid. Have we given this damn virus that much power? Is it the constant stress that is eroding our societal norms? Is it the feeling of powerlessness that has given many a hair-trigger temper?

Fractures take a long time to heal. Words can never be retracted – they are forever imprinted in memory. A t-shirt that says, “I am sorry for what I said during the pandemic” won’t undo the damage.

We live minutes away from the ability to stand on an empty hillside and scream. Why do it in a grocery store or at a restaurant? Charles Darwin theorized about ‘descent with modification’ which (I think) means that small, almost imperceptible changes occur over time in a species that increase the ability to survive.

We adapt to survive. My question is what kind of changes are happening right now? Are we changing for the better or for the worse?