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Into the Box: Card games for the whole family

Every heatwave is soon followed by a rainy day, and it’s been no different for Dawson Creek.

Every heatwave is soon followed by a rainy day, and it’s been no different for Dawson Creek. After all the great weather we’ve had to be outside and play lawn games, the cooler temperatures have me looking for a game perfect to play indoors. 

Bananagrams, Happy Salmon and Five Crowns are three card and tile games perfect for playing with the entire family, especially if it’s raining outside and you need something to do inside the motor home. 

Bananagrams is my preferred game style, and excellent for your household’s spelling bee champion. Think fast paced Scrabble, without a board.  Flip over all the tiles, which each have a letter on them, grab your starting tiles, and when someone yells “Split”, turn them over and start spelling as many words as you can in a grid-like format. It’s perfect for helping kids with spelling or expanding their vocabulary, or for the sports writers among you who finally get a chance to show off. 

Five Crowns is a more traditional card game. Think Rummy, or Phase 10, but with five suits. It adds just a bit more colour and flair to the game, while still keeping the focus on creating as many runs of one colour, or sets of one number, as you can. The more players the better, and up to seven can play at once! I love this game when everything is going my way, and every card I draw fits right into a set I’m already collecting. 

However, and this is obvious, but being set with a lot of cards in your hand when everybody else has played their whole hand is the worst, so proceed with caution. 

Then there’s Happy Salmon, a game where everyone shouts out the card in their hand at once. If you and someone else both have the "High 5" card, find that person and give them some skin. Then, discard your card and move on to the next one. There are also cards that have you bumping fists with someone, or even switching places around the tale. It’s great for the young family, and fun and silly too. 

I definitely prefer hot weather to rainy, cool days, unless it’s 40 degrees outside. But, if the weather forces me inside, you can always find me at the table shuffling the cards for the next game up. 

If you’re interested in playing one of these games with your family, Bananagrams, Five Crowns and Happy Salmon are all available at The Northern Toybox.