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LANGEVIN: a Spring Remembrance Day

The goal is to remind us.
Have a most beautiful Easter.

Remembrance Day is a vital mark in our yearly calendar.

The goal is to remind us of the terrible sacrifice our soldiers and many people made to secure the peace and freedoms in our wonderful land –‘LEST WE FORGET’. Those of us who have not fought in a war can easily drift into apathy and presumption by taking for granted what others fought for.

The celebration of Easter and Good Friday is much the same.

Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ, the Son of God, laid down His life in payment for the sins of the world. Now every person regardless of who and where they are, can be forgiven and make their peace with God, the Creator of the universe, and be with Him forever.

Such a gift and such a sacrifice we must never forget, neglect, nor reject, (and by the way, Jesus rose from the dead three days later). He loves us so much.

Have a most beautiful Easter.