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Winkel named Midget Trackers coach

Jared Winkel becomes the club's new bench boss for the 2022/23 season
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The NEBC/Yukon Midget U-18 Trackers have a new head coach.

Former Fort St. John Huskies forward Jared Winkel has been chosen to replace Gerard Dicaire, who decided to step down at the end of this past season to help coach his son's team next year.

Winkel, the team's regular season MVP in 2021-22, was thinking of returning to Fort St. John this fall, although not as a player, having aged out as a junior.

“I messaged Todd (Huskies coach Todd Alexander) and was throwing it out there, nothing too serious, if I was to come and work in Fort St. John if he would have me on as an assistant coach,” Winkel recalled.

His former coach had another idea the former #17 might consider.

“He sent back a suggestion – the Trackers were looking for a new coach and to give it a shot, so I did. Next thing I knew an application and interview later and I found myself with the job.”

Winkel was offered and accepted the job on June 21 and is looking forward, now that it's public, to talking with Dicaire about the league, the club and its core of returning players.

Working this summer in construction on Vancouver Island, where his home is, he said he plans on coming back to the Peace in mid-August.

And, like he's done every hockey season since he was a young boy, Jared Winkel gets to strap on the skates for one more season, but with a different feel.

For the first time in his hockey career, it'll be 20 other young men, and not him, trying to earn a spot on the roster.

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