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Texas stock car driver makes surprise visit to Taylor Speedway

A.J. Dancer saw the highway sign and decided to stop in
taylor speedway-texas driver
Texas stock car driver A.J. Dancer stopped by the Taylor Speedway July 17 on a trip back from Alaska. Dancer won both his heats and the main event race in the Sports/Bombers class.

Probably for any athlete, it really doesn't matter where you are, even if it's in a foreign country, you just want to compete.

Stock car drivers, it turns out, aren't any different.

Take, for example, A.J. Dancer from Austin, Texas.

The 48-year-old and his wife, Brenda, decided to travel from the Lone Star state 85 hours north to Fairbanks, Alaska.

“It's the northern-most dirt track in world,” said Dancer. “We saw it on TV and looked like something to do.”

So, the couple packed up the camper and race car trailer and headed north.

While A.J. (Aaron James) does all the driving both on and off the track, it's really Brenda who's the real race nut.

“She did all the planning and honestly if I would have paid attention that it was 85 hours to Fairbanks, I might not have done it,” he joked.

It took nine days and up to 12 hours of driving each day to get to their polar destination.

Described as part of a “normal” vacation, it's clear that, for both, racing is embedded in their blood.

So much so the pair couldn't resist stopping by the Taylor Speedway July 16 on their way back to Texas.

“So, we're travelling and we passed by this one and saw it would be about the time that we'd be coming back. We were talking about going to see other national parks, but we'd rather race,” said Dancer, who's an Austin sheriff, when he's not on the track.

“Me and wife, that's all we do. That's why we went to Alaska. We're combining it with normal holidays,” he added.

The long-time stock car driver has raced almost all over the lower 48, before his trip north.

“We've ran just about everywhere...Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and, of course, Texas.”

Dancer has raced once before in Canada, in Estevan, Sask.

He can now add Taylor, B.C. to that list.

Track vice-president and IMCA modifieds driver Johnny Beaumont called the surprise visit “fantastic.”

“I think it's incredible that he even heard about us. They saw the (highway) sign. They looked the track up. Followed the Facebook page and watched the races on Friday on their phone and showed up here to run some laps.”

“It was great that they even took the time to think about us. Going almost from the furthest north track to the furthest south track,” said Beaumont.

And, just like anyone who travels on vacation, the Dancers were able to pick up a souvenir to remind them of their trip to Taylor – a trophy for winning Saturday night's sports/bomber class main event.