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Mile Zero Judokans come back with medals from Edmonton

Headed back with medals.

21 Judokans from Mile Zero Judo Club were in Edmonton this past weekend for the  International Judo Championship. Team Leader and Sensei with the club Isabelle Gelinas says competitions like this are the only way to become good at competing.

“Learn to manage the stress and the excitement of such a big venue, and learned to adapt to travels and new surrounding and still be able to perform,” she says.

“From what foods work well for you as a competitor to adapting to fighters you’ve never met before.”

Gelinas also notes hitting the road and competing against others is a fantastic way for them to decide how they’re doing in general.

“With applying everything they have learned so far. Measured themselves against fighters the same size, same age, and similar rank."

The tournament was held at the West Edmonton Mall.

“(It was) super fun for everyone but also huge! I think total turnout for the weekend was 1005 competitors.”

Picking up medals from the club were Shawn Henry with a bronze, Shad Potts - silver, Jodi Rushton - silver, Sienna McCorkell - gold, and Isabelle Gelinas - gold.

This was the club’s first Edmonton international judo championship in three years after a COVID-19 break.

The club is headed to Prince George for a regional tournament on April 1. 

“Our club is tentatively holding its own smaller regional tournament on April 29 but still waiting for confirmation on the venue,” Gelinas says.