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Maddie Chabot signs with GPRC volleyball team

Maddie Chabot is one of four DCVC players suiting up for the GPRC women's team this fall.

Maddie Chabot is excited about the chance to play setter for the GPRC women’s volleyball team next season. Though Chabot lives in Spirit River, she played for the Dawson Creek Volleyball Club this season, and is one of five DCVC players who will play college volleyball next year. 

“I’m really excited to play with the college girls, I know a quite a few of them already, have played with some of them in the past. It’s close to home, and it will be a good starting point for myself,” Chabot said. 

Chabot practiced with DCVC this year, as Alberta’s PHO restrictions differed from B.C.’s and even practice wasn’t permitted for much of the club volleyball season. Spending a full season practicing without games might not seem like much, but it’s a lot different when you can’t have any kind of formal training and playing at all. 

“I would get the odd invite to come to Dawson Creek when they had workshops. When Alberta shut down, the coach asked me to come for practices, and I’m happy I got to play with the DCVC,” Chabot said. 

“It was really beneficial. As a setter, if you aren’t working at it constantly you can lose that touch, so it’s nice to be keeping up with it and working on your base skills.”

DCVC coach Aaron Powell was glad to have Chabot be a part of the club this year. 

“(Chabot) worked really hard. She would have been our starting setter this year,” Powell said. 

Chabot will play for the GPRC Wolves with three DCVC teammates – Layla Hingley, Gabby Capelle, and Aidan Armitage. Club teammate Brandi Hanna has signed with Ambrose University for next season. 

“I think this year, with the girls that were there, they were all very motivated and very nice team people. Everyone was really encouraging, and it especially helps to have those people when you’re trying to get into a college,” Chabot said. 

“If you are happy and focused at moving on in the sport and helping other girls, you can help any college team.”

Though the start of the 2021-22 college volleyball season is still half a year away, Chabot can’t help but be excited but the chance of finally playing meaningful games after almost two years of not. 

“The chance to play games again would be amazing. I can’t wait to get on the court and just play, without being restricted in any way. Hopefully the restrictions lighten up and we can go out there, have fun, and just play,” said Chabot. 

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