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Tumbler Ridge's Emperor's Challenge bumps back registration for August South Peace race

The Emperor's Challenge remains scheduled for August 7, but registration has been pushed back while organizers await a clearer picture of PHO restrictions.
Emperor's Challenge
The view from the re-routed portion of the Emperor's Challenge trail.

The 2021 Emperor's Challenge remains scheduled for August 7, but as the year goes along, it's uncertain if a race will be able to go ahead by then or not. As a result, the planning committee has pushed registration back from May 18 to June 7, in hopes of having a clearer understanding of the PHO restrictions at that point. 

"I know, we've pushed it back once already, but the hopes are case numbers will be on the way down by the start of summer," reads a post by the planning committee on Facebook

The post mentions several options that will be considered to meet health restrictions, depending on what the restrictions end up being. Some of the options include a staggered start, a masked start, changing the starting point, and limiting the number of entries, among others. 

"We're doing all we can to make the race happen as close to normal as possible, but as with everything in this time, things are a moving target," the committee said. 

There was no Emperor's Challenge in 2020.

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