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DC Volleyball team raises $4,300 from latest fundraiser, $13,000 set so far for 2022 Hawaii trip

Halfway there.

Wipe any doubts away - the Dawson Creek Volleyball Club's U15 team is halfway to their $25K fundraising goal to get them to Hawaii next year. Since May 16, the team has raised $13,300, and still has six months left of fundraising to go.

"We were kind of doubting it, we knew how much work it would take over seven months. But, it's been really good actually and kind of easy, it's a lot of work but we know it will be worth it in the end," said Tyler Schmidt, who is entering her third season with the team. 

The money will go toward the team's trip to Honolulu next January for the 2022 TransPacific Volleyball Championships.

The team had raised $9,000 so far from its travelling toilet event, two garbage cleanups, and its online auction, before its most recent fundraiser. On June 8, the girls held their most challenging venture yet, a beef jerky sales-call event, where the girls challenged themselves to see how much jerky they could sell through calling people in the community in an hour. The total amount sold was $9,000, with $4,338 of that going toward the team. 

"I was excited, I thought I would do good at it, but when I did a practice read of my script it didn't go well," said Arielle Spencer.

She wasn't alone in feeling nervous — after all, cold calling random people is something that would intimidate many adults let alone a junior high team — but when the time came, the girls were ready and gave it their all. 

"I honestly thought they were going to be so nervous but the energy is great and better than I expected," said coach Terri Spencer. 

Tyler,Ella-VolleyballAlways be closing - Tyler Schmidt and Ella Pike go through their list of contacts as they make their sales calls on June 8. By Dillon Giancola

Spencer has been amazed by the team's attitude throughout, and is noticing a lot of other good things coming from their efforts besides the money raised. 

"They haven't complained once, they've been troopers," she said.

"When we first thought of this idea, we said 'it won't just be the experience of going they'll have, but everything leading up to it,' this is real bonding that will make them stronger. I'm seeing kids who maybe didn't have out at school or interact as much getting to know each other because of this."

The team is excited about the upcoming trip, and the time spent together currently fundraising - due to the fact they couldn't play games or be together much over the past two seasons. 

"We're working really hard for it because we're just excited to play games there, win or lose. It's so great to be together and it's been really fantastic," said Ella Pike. 

"We didn't play any games last year, so we know this will be really worth it in the end. It's a time for us to bond and maybe even win something," Schmidt said. The team has been blown away by the community's support throughout the last month. 

"We're feeling really supported by this amazing community. I feel like the whole city is behind us," coach Spencer said. 

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