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Dawson Creek volleyball team sets sights on Hawaii tournament

Forget about merely anticipating the return to a normal season once Covid restrictions loosen.

Forget about merely anticipating the return to a normal season once Covid restrictions loosen. The Dawson Creek Volleyball Club's U15 Girls team has its eyes set on celebrating next season on a whole other level, with a trip to Honolulu for the 2022 TransPacific Volleyball Championships next January.

"The girls practiced so hard all last year with strict Covid rules in place. They had to wear a mask, couldn't play games, but they were so committed and went to every practice. We thought, 'what if we went real big and took them to Hawaii as an award?' We thought it was a pipe dream at first but we're going for it," said coach Terri Spencer.

Spencer reached out to the tournament organizers, and reserved their spot. The tournament has 50 teams per age group, on average, in years when Covid isn't a factor. Spencer said they're still dependant on restrictions and international travel protocols being manageable bu January, but are crossing their fingers and getting to work on raising the necessary funds in the meantime. 

The team is looking to raise $25,000, which would cover the cost of nine players, four coaches and managers, and all their flights, hotels, transportation, and travel insurance. The team has plans to host different fundraisers throughout the next seven months, and kicked things off with the Travelling Toilet on May 16. It's a bright red toilet that gets moved from business to business, or home to home, depending on how much money the current tenant wants to pay to have it moved. As of May 28, the fundraiser brought in $1,700. 

The toilet started out at Mayor Dale Bumstead's house, before winding up at various car dealerships, restaurants, and shops. 

In addition to an ongoing bottle drive and picking up garbage for the city, the next plan for the team is a one hour sales challenge, June 8. The players will be challenged to see how much beef jerky they can sell over the phone. 

The girls have a long ways to go, but are committed and excited about the opportunity. 

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