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Alexis Conroy graduates from figure skating club after 14 years

Alexis Conroy is moving on from the Mile Zero Figure Skating Club after 14 years of skating.
Mile Zero figure skating
Mile Zero figure skating club.

Alexis Conroy skated her last season with the Mile Zero Figure Skating Club this year, with her final day coming at the club’s year-end club competition. Conroy, along with fellow skaters Karlee Dahlen and Tamara Dobb, are graduating this summer, and the club took some time to honour each skater at the final skate. 

Conroy has been with the club for 14 years, and has made many long-lasting relationships in her time there.

“I’m going to miss everyone there, but they’re my good friends and family that I’ll keep forever,” said Conroy. 

The club congratulated Conroy in a post on Facebook and wished her well going forward. 

“Alexis has been part of our club since the very beginning and has dedicated so many years to skating. We are so proud of all her accomplishments, and we will miss seeing her beautiful skating! Best of luck in your future Alexis,” the post read. 

Conroy will be going to school in Prince George, and won’t be skating throughout the year, but hopes to stop back for a skate with Mile Zero and say to the coaches when she’s home visiting family. 

Conroy enjoyed her 14 years with the club, and appreciated everything that figure skating brought her. 

“I loved the friends and family I made through it. I love the sport itself, the competitions, and getting to go to Kelowna and Prince George to compete,” she said. 

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