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Aidan Armitage signs with GPRC volleyball team

Aidan Armitage is the fourth DCVC player to sign with the GPRC Wolves this month.

After three of her Dawson Creek Volleyball Club teammates signed with the GPRC women’s volleyball team mid-March, Aidan Armitage signed on to join the team Friday, March 26, making her the fourth DCVC girl going to the Wolves, and the fifth player to sign with a college overall. 

“I’m pretty excited, to be able to continue playing will be nice. I’m a bit nervous though, it will be more intense that what I’ve been used to,” Armitage said. 

Armitage, a setter, has played with the club for six years, and been the captain for the last number of seasons. She has a lot of experience playing at a high level, and a lot of experience playing with Gabby Capelle, Layla Hingley, and most recently, Maddie Chabot, who she will join in making the switch from the DCVC to GPRC. 

“It will make it a lot of easier to have the girls on the team. I’ve played with them for a long time, so transitioning to a new team with new people will be a bit easier,” said Armitage. 

Although Armitage was looking to attend Grande Prairie Regional College regardless – both her parents, and one of her sisters attended GPRC – she wasn’t certain if she would pursue college volleyball or even make the team. 

“It was a last minute thought for me. I didn’t know if it would work out, but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t try. (DCVC Coach Aaron Powell) reached out to GPRC, and here we are,” she said. “I’m happy to be going there, and I like how close it is and that I can come home whenever I want.”

Armitage credits Powell with playing a big part in having five girls from the club move on. 

“Aaron has put a lot of time in to help us get there. You always want to go play somewhere after school, and he really helped us do that,” said Armitage. 

Initially, Powell said the thought was that the pandemic would make it harder for players to find opportunities at colleges. That turned out not to be the case. 

“The biggest fear is that they weren’t going to have opportunity. But I think every college player maintained eligibility, and the coaches didn’t have a chance to go see other players, so they relied more on video, and the club and school system to help recruit,” Powell said. 

“I put together a document, sent it to 20 schools, and had those conversations with the coaches. We sent in tape, and had some game film as well.”

As for the GPRC team in particular, Powell said the Wolves have a really good coaching system, led by Lauren Hale-Miller, that has the team poised to be an up-and-comer next season.

Dawson Creek was supposed to host the AAA provincials this year, but that was cancelled. The tournament is tentatively scheduled for December in Dawson Creek once again, and hosting a tournament of that magnitude would go a long way in helping more South Peace girls be noticed and move on to college teams going forward. 

As for Armitage, she’s looking forward to the new experience.

“I want to take my game to the next level. It will be good to play with girls of that caliber, and it will be a good chance to get away and meet some new people.”