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WATCH: W.A.C Bennett Dam construction in the 1960s

Dam remains one of the largest earth-fill structures in the world
A still from the footage of the dam.

The South Peace Regional Archives continues its Movie Mondays this week, featuring footage of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam under construction in the 1960s. 

Shot on 8mm film without audio, the footage was taken by the Marcy family when the hydroelectric dam was in the early stages of construction.

Named after B.C.'s premier at the time, W. A. C. Bennett, the dam remains one of the largest earth-fill structures in the world. The reservoir is large enough it can seen by space.

More than 100 million tons of gravel, sand, and rock were transported to the dam by dump trucks, employing 4,800 people through its construction years.

On Sept 28, 1968, the dam came online for the first time.

Watch the Marcy Family footage below: