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Wakanda Forever – plays this week in the Creek

A two hour plus film.
Marvel Studios.

The script does what it has to right out of the gate – address the fact your lead actor has died – despite this being a direct sequel.

After a Search for Spock type send off for the original Black Panther, the opening Marvel intro has been changed to honour Chadwick Boseman one last time before the movie proper starts.

Wakanda is in trouble for not pulling their weight before the rest of the world. Cut to a couple sequences and one mystery has been solved while the Atlanteans/Talokans and Namor have made their appearance.

As a 70s and 80s comic reader, I like how Marvel introduces Namor and Hercules in back-to-back flicks. Both the two and Thor made great comic pairings during those decades, and it is something to work on as the entire Marvel Universe is clearly building to Secret Wars and The Beyonder storylines eventually.

This is the most epic of the Marvel flicks thus far – on par with Endgame certainly – very comparable to Villeneuve’s Dune recently.  

There are a couple set pieces that smack of the static staging of Schmuacher’s Batman and robin, but otherwise this is solid entry into the Marvel canon. Wakanda Forever does suffer from the same issue Superman with Christopher Reeve way back when - no actual villain in the movie. 

Wakanda Forever plays this week and next in Dawson Creek.