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Tumbler Ridge and area vaccine information

Vaccine Tumbler
Tumbler Ridge information.

Tumbler Ridge and area

  • Now registering: Everyone age 12+ (born in 2009 and earlier)

  • Now booking appointments: Everyone age 12+ (born in 2009 and earlier)

Reminder: Are you registered with the province?

For those looking for their first dose, we encourage you to register at Get Vaccinated or by phone. If you have previously registered and not yet booked, we encourage you to book your appointment.

You’ll get your second dose about 8 weeks after the first dose. If you registered on the province’s Get Vaccinated website, you'll be notified automatically when it's time for your second dose.

  • If you got your first dose before the provincial registration system was available, you need to register now at Get Vaccinated. That way, you’re in the system and you’ll get that notification when it’s time for your second dose.

  • If you’ve already registered, and you’ve already got your first dose, you’re in the system. You’ll be notified automatically when it’s time for your second dose. You don’t need to do anything else.

Note: If you signed up with a pharmacy or with your local health unit, this is not the same as registering with the provincial system. You should still register now at Get Vaccinated.

Vaccines for youth 12-17

Young people in this community between 12 and 17 years old can now register and book:

  • See ways to register, below.

  • Please book only into your home community (this is to ensure the right vaccine for you is available).

Ways to register: