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Ticket to Paradise: a harmless light comedy

Clooney, Roberts.
(Vince Valitutti/Universal Pictures via AP)

I liken this to Red Notice, or Knight and Day a few years back, or The Tourist.

You’ve got big stars comfortable in front of the camera, and with each other and able to improvise while at the same time this is a $100 million film. Much like say – Ocean’s Eleven with …the same two actors.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts play long gone divorcees who still bicker and claim to not get along – but yet in a completely PG, non-court related way – but must overcome 20 years of antagonizing each other  to get along during their daughters’ upcoming nuptial planning.

Neither of them like the prospect of their law school destined daughter throwing it away to become a seaweed farmer in Bali. All you need to know here.

The backstory is set with individual monologues from Roberts and Clooney who could deliver them right to camera instead of to almost unrelated distant background silent characters.

The hijinks ensues when all the characters get to the island and the plotting ensues. Of course their daughter has a side kick friend, while Roberts has an existing pilot boyfriend.

These are the only real obstacles in a plot centred around the above – and the existing relationship between Clooney and Roberts, this is their vehicle and this now their ...sixth... production together.  Like Lost City earlier this year, this is a fun comedy with little stakes beyond some harmless laughs where everything works out in the end.

Catch a Ticket to Paradise this week in the Creek.