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The Invitation – a slick, classic haunted house movie

Haunted house flick heading into October.
Classic horror heading into October.

A great Gothic opening.

We then cut to the here and now, and a more modern story viewers are familiar with. A haunted house, with some shining-old school pastiche and scares.

A modern day – hangout horror picture that begins to ramp up 25 minutes in with final cleaning rounds of the staff in the gothic mansion.

Great turns by Sean Pertwee play another Alfred Pennyworth-type (in look only) Butler of a Wayne-ish manor.

Once the story gets moving, the film can rely on movie scare tactics, and jump cuts for some work. Song used in The Shining gets a bit of a needle drop to underline viewers are set for the ride.

The play for the third act (of four) turns into a play – with the scenes and long talking. The action picks up as the secrets of the house and the staff are revealed.

Combination of those 1950s and 60s haunted mansion movies, and Jordan Peele's modern wash and polish. A professional and proficient movie rolling into October.

The Invitation is playing this week in the Creek.