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Strange kinda side show hits Chances Saturday for some entertainment

Fatt Matt, Neil E. Dee and Lil' Burks the Fire Eater are on the way.
Freaks Show!
Freak Show!

Some of the members have been on The Tonight Show and Canada’s Got Talent, and now the freak show is coming to Dawson Creek. 

The world’s fattest contortionist, a fire eater and a human blockhead will take to the stage as part of the Danger Thrill Show, or DTS, at Chances July 16.

 Based out of Vancouver, B.C., it is the wildest professional touring sideshow in Canada. DTS takes the “Bed of Nails’ act to the next level with a three-bed Tower of Terror as well as strange  feats of strength with sensitive body parts. They perform their own unique versions of classic sideshow acts like the Human Blockhead, where a giant spike is hammered into the centre of the head, as well as jumping on and walking barefoot in broken glass. 

“You’d be amazed at what the human body is capable of... Danger Thrill Show is a non-stop thrill ride of stunts, stupidity, comedy and chaos,”  says DTS mastermind Neil E. Dee on the group’s website.

 Dee is one of a dozen professional sword swallowers in Canada.  Using great focus and control of his body, real solid steel swords including a curved scimitar blade and a giant wave blade are part of his high energy sword swallowing act.  

His signature act is the “Death Bed” which involves his bare flesh on the edge of two razor sharp machetes as a concrete block is smashed on his chest.   

He has brought some strange ideas to the stage from  “Eye-Hook” weightlifting and his unique four-spike bed of nails Headstand give new meaning to “putting on your thinking cap”.  

Fatt Matt is another member of the DTS squad and is the world’s last working circus  “Fat Man” and is the “World’s Fattest Contortionist”.  His hilarious banter and massive stage presence makes him a crowd favourite.

Fatt Matt discovered at an early age he had some unusual skills.

“Found when I was young I was both fat and bendy,” he laughs.

While the large one notes DTS has been freaking people out since the 90s, he got his start as a street performer and at the Edmonton Fringe Festival. 

“When we did do a show together, the circumstance was great and hard to put into words, but it really worked.”

Lil’ Burks is a fire Eater and the newest member of DTS, joining the Danger Thrill Show for a residency gig at Calgary’s Screamfest in 2015.  She delicately climbs up a Ladder of Swords barefoot while also fearlessly feasting on fire, mesmerizingly manipulating the flames of her torches to do a she commands.  Billed as “Danger Cutie” , she is a crowd favorite. 

When asked what audiences will be in for - Fatt Matt shot straight.

“They will see three people testing their limits. If you bring someone to this show, they will be grateful until the end of time that you did.”

The DTS July tour will take them to Castelgar, Prince George and Kamloops before hitting Chances in Dawson Creek on July 16. The show is expected to start by 9pm. 

For more information, see Danger Thrill show on Facebook.