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Shazam II: Fury of the Gods flies this week in the Creek

Continuing adventures of Captain Marvel.
Hey, check out the movie!

Forgetting the advance reporting on the cameo – when the film opens with Lucy Liu and Helen Mirren in similar garb – you know a Wonder Woman cameo is likely on the horizon.

Shazam’s back story of “all the power, but none of the experience of Superman,” is explored here perhaps more than in the first film. Captain Marvel and the rest of the Marvel family are the joke of Philadelphia – and are looking for some superhero redemption.

The film is a markedly different tone than Black Adam from last fall, or even ‘the last couple immature but better than the first two’ Thor movies.

The character relationships are not that developed here – despite the hero versions of the kids getting much more screen time. With the exception of main sidekick Freddy – there is little character development.

The film does seem to straddle between the existing DC Universe, both the Black Adam push, and the upcoming Flash movie.

It is a big budget, family-friendly spectacle playing this week in the Creek.