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Rolla Pub owner recognized

The establishment, which occupies a 90-plus year-old building - features, newspaper clippings, photos, drawings, toys and all sorts of artifacts.
Rolla Pub owner Patti Martin

Patricia Ann Martin has been named a Professional of the Year in food and beverage service management. The owner of the Rolla Pub picked up the award earlier this year, handed out by Worldwide Branding.

“Only small selections of members in each discipline are chosen for this distinction,” said Worldwide Branding. 

Martin says the recognition is part of the business of running a pub. 

“I hope that people realize when they see things like this, like a pub owner in Rolla being recognized by a New York City award, that they realize if you put your heart into things, good things can come of it.”

Honorees are distinguished based on professional accomplishments academic achievement, leadership, years of services and credentials.

Martin has a family connected to the pub dating back to the 1965 when her family bought it and ran it has a hotel.

Martin, or “Patti” as the regular customers know her took ownership of the Rolla Pub in 1985. 

“Since then she has led its evolutions as a fixture in the community infusing the aura with local color and a bit of her own personal style,” reads her award nomination. 

“I really just want everyone to be themselves here. The only real rule is have respect for others.”

There are a few more rules for bands playing the pub - have a sound check and enjoy yourself. 

Pardon the rhyme but the pub is a hub for live musicians and performers. Yet Martin doesn’t go looking for bands. They find her. 

“Creative people need space. I find you shouldn’t try to sequence creative people,” she says. 

The establishment, which occupies a 90-plus year-old building - features, newspaper clippings, photos, drawings, toys of all sorts and artifacts both from the area as a homage to both the Peace Region land and to the personal histories of her customers. 

“Martin focuses heavily on customers services, making visitors feel right at home,” reads her nomination. 

Awards are nothing new to Martin.  In 2014, the building in which the Rolla Pub is located won a Northern BC Architectural Building award.

In 2006 the building received designation as a heritage building from the Peace River Regional District.

The Rolla Pub is located in an American style old school hotel building that has become a landmark of Rolla. 

“At the end of the day I am looking for authentic people looking for an authentic experience. The New frontier is right here in Western Canada." 

Originally established as the Columbia Hotel, it has been running continuously since founding in 1920. More than 25 years ago the building was converted to a pub. 

The next musical act at the pub will be Doug Koyama this weekend on April 30