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Property crime prevention tips from the DC RCMP

Tips to avoid auto crime.
DC RCMP tips
View down the side of a car to a man in a hooded top breaking into a car with a screwdriver in order to steal it

As part of their annual policing priorities, the Dawson Creek RCMP will be sending out monthly property crime prevention tips to help decrease property crime in the Dawson Creek area.

Our latest Policing Report; January 1 to March 31 2021, indicated downward trends in property crime when compared to the same timeframe in 2020: Theft of Vehicle: Decrease of 4% Theft from Vehicle: Decrease of 42%.

While property crime is decreasing in our area, there is more to do. Most thefts from motor vehicles are a crime of opportunity. By ensuring your vehicle doors are locked each night and high-value items are removed from plain view, you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of property theft. 

Most stolen vehicles in our area are a result of the keys having been left in the vehicle. Leaving vehicles running while unoccupied to warm up or run into a store quickly, presents an opportunity for your vehicle to be stolen. Please do not leave your vehicles unattended with the keys inside.

Tips to Avoid Auto Crime

Always close your windows and lock your doors Keep your vehicle keys with you at all times Store your spare key separately, not in your car. Take your valuables with you when possible. If you leave anything in your car, secure it out of plain sight. Make it a daily routine to lock your doors and secure your valuables. Use an immobilizer. Refrain from leaving a vehicle running with keys inside when going into a business or residence.

Though police reporting indicates a decrease in vehicle thefts or thefts from vehicles, we encourage Dawson Creek (and area) residents to remain vigilant and report suspicious or criminal activity to the Dawson Creek RCMP by dialing 911 or the non-emergency line at 250-784-3700.

If you have any information any criminal offence, please contact the Dawson Creek RCMP at 250-784-3700,