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Pouce Coupe mayor replaced on all portfolio positions

New Village of Pouce Coupe representatives on handful of regional boards and commissions.
Village Office
Village of Pouce Coupe office.

Complete with two new faces around the Village of Pouce Coupe council table, new faces will be representing the village on a handful of boards and commissions.

Almost the first order of new business with a full village council in attendance was a motion passed by the new-look council to remove Mayor Lorraine Michetti from representing the village on all portfolios.

“I think I would like to learn about the fire department,” said councillor Marlene Hebert as the council looked at filling the first of Michetti’s portfolio positions.

New councillors worked down the list of boards and commissions Michetti currently sits on and represents the village – and replaced the mayor with councillors.

Prior to the vote on the motion to replace the mayor, a short discussion was held to draft letters to each board noting a replacement, which predicted and forecasted the impending vote, result, and decision to replace Michetti.