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Pouce Coupe mayor given back most duties

Most responsibilities returned.
Pouce suit
The village will also have to pay costs related to holding the meeting.

Lorraine Michetti has been given back most duties as the mayor of the Village of Pouce Coupe.

On February 20 the village held a council meeting to discuss online posts of Michetti on social media.

The meeting was held in contravention of various sections of Pouce Coupe's community charter

“It was illegally held without proper notice. There was not enough notice or process,” says Michetti to the Mirror Wednesday.

Members of the public including the media were in attendance at a Feb. 20 meeting that saw Michetti lose most of her representative powers of mayor. She says she has been reinstated as the village representative on most boards beyond the PRRD. The municipality will also have to pay all court costs after the decision to hold the meeting as well.

Michetti noted now that replacements have been hired to fill leaves and absences on Village of Pouce Coupe staff, the village’s by-election can be held.

“The business of the village has never stopped – we are back full swing.”