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Peace Region Pest Update - seasonal canola scouting

Canola is in the air. Well, on the ground.
Scouting Table
Seasonal canola scouting.

Hello Peace Region! My name is Tory Snider and I work for the Peace Region Forage Seed Association. This growing season I will be helping Keith Uloth on the Pest Monitoring project again and updating all of you as we go. Are you suspecting that your crops may be suffering from pest (insect, disease, weed) damage? This chart shows the stages in which many species of insects are relevant to the canola growing season. Check it out to get an idea of what your crop may be at risk for throughout the growing season!

Our goal this summer for Canola is to focus on monitoring Flea beetles, Swede Midge (not yet in this region), Bertha Army Worms, Diamond Back Moths, Lygus Bugs just to name a few and how they are affecting crops. With help from local producers we have established monitoring sites for these insects at various locations around the Peace Region and will be monitoring them weekly. Each week we will be gathering data to assist producers regarding pest damage and prevention, also to inform researchers of pest populations. In the future, you can expect to hear about a pest each week that is particularly problematic at a crop stage, and in contrast we will also identify some beneficial insects that help protect your crop.

Make sure to check our article in the next edition that will talk about Plant Growth Regulators! Along with this we have included the link for our BC Peace Agri Weather Network site where you can check out CURRENT weather recordings in live time from various locations (21 sites) in the BC Peace Region (