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Peace high speed internet project receives $500,000 - Rolla in the mix

Project boosts connectivity in Attachie, Bear Flat, Buick, Cecil Lake, Kobes, Mile 62 ½, Montney, Pink Mountain and Wonowon

The province says it is providing funding to boost high-speed internet access in the Peace region.

The Ministry of Citizens' Services said Thursday that Vincent Communications received the funding, and has completed a project that boosts connectivity throughout the Peace region, including Rolla.

Funds come from the Connecting British Columbia program, and the province says the company's estimated $1.06-million northern expansion project “lays the groundwork for connecting more nearby communities in the future,” the ministry said.

"It's hard to imagine running a business today without high-speed internet, and yet that's exactly what many people in northern B.C. deal with every day. These investments will unlock new opportunities to do business, recruit talent and create jobs that support families," said Minister Lisa Beare in a statement. 

"B.C.'s northern communities are essential to the province's economic future. Ensuring people have the internet access they need will help them be successful whether it's at home, work or school."

The ministry said recent funding from the Connecting B.C. program will bring faster internet to 19 northern communities. The program is administered by the Northern Development Initiative Trust.

“A grant from the Connecting British Columbia program afforded us the opportunity to build infrastructure to help fill some of the service gaps in the Peace River Regional District. We plan to further invest in the region by continuing our expansion further north to enable high-speed access to even more communities."

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