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No fire danger to B.C. Hydro dams

"We're closely monitoring the situation," says the company
peace canyon dam
A B.C. Hydro spokesperson said there is no immediate danger to the Peace Canyon Dam from a small wildfire near Dinosaur Lake, although they continue to monitor the situation

With its WAC Bennett and Peace Canyon dam operations near Hudson’s Hope, B.C. Hydro, as expected, is keeping tabs on the wildfire situation in the area.

While both the Folding Hill and Battleship Mountain blazes aren’t near any of its company sites, the three-hectare Dinosaur Lake fire is considerably closer to the Peace Canyon spillway.

“In terms of our business, infrastructure, people, facilities, it’s really the same situation as earlier in the week – we’re closely monitoring the situation,” said B.C. Hydro’s northern community relations manager Mike Kellett.

“We’re constantly in contact with the B.C. Wildfire Service throughout the summer months, as you can imagine.”

“We have regular maintenance and prevention measures for B.C. Hydro’s infrastructure, as part of our contingency plans. This is an ongoing thing to ensure we can safely operate.”

Kellett said that also takes into account events like wildfires.

“The Dinosaur Lake fire, right now, is directly west of a power line. So, when it comes to that type of infrastructure, it’s built really high for a wildfire, for example,” he explained.

“The fire would run right beneath it. It’s built to withstand extreme heat like what a wildfire might bring.”

As of mid-Saturday afternoon, the Dinosaur Lake wildfire had been classified as out of control and was burning about 14 kilometres southeast of Hudson's Hope.

The B.C Wildfire Service stated on the Dinosaur Lake wildfires of note page that no properties were at risk.

An evacuation alert, however, from the Peace River Regional District does remain in place for the Battleship Mountain blaze.