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New Taylor Bridge pledged by BC Liberals, if elected

"We will get it done quickly" says leader Kevin Falcon to chamber luncheon
If chosen as government, BC Liberal leader Kevin Falcon has pledged to replace the existing the Taylor Bridge.

If elected, a BC Liberal government would build a new four-lane Taylor Bridge.

That promise made Thursday afternoon at a question and answer session by opposition leader Kevin Falcon to members of the Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce.

Taking a question on the subject from chamber president Cheryl Montgomery, the Liberal leader said, having been in government before he's very careful about making any commitment.

“So, I know you don't just go out there making promises here, there, and everywhere, at least you don't if you're responsible and you know, one day, you're going to potentially be sitting in the premier's chair and be held accountable for the commitments you make,” said Falcon.

“This is one commitment that is very easy for me to make. We will replace the Taylor Bridge. We will get it done quickly.”

“And it's gotta be four-lane,” added Peace River North MLA, garnering a smattering of laughter and support from the crowd.

Falcon is visiting the Peace this week as part of a week-long self-proclaimed 'road show' with fellow Liberal MLAs, which included a tour of the Site C project Thursday.

Upon hearing the pledge, Taylor mayor Rob Fraser thanked the former highways minister for his commitment to the project.

“His first task will be to elected. Once he's elected, we would very happy to work with him to not only replace the bridge but to correct the issues with the entire crossing from the brake check on the south Taylor Hill to the top of the North Taylor Hill.”

Of concern to Fraser is a section of the South Taylor Hill near what's known by industry as 'Driveshaft Corner' and the potential for a slide.

“If that were to fail, we would be in the exact same predicament than if the bridge were to collapse.”

Fraser, though, does take comfort in the fact that Falcon is familiar with the characteristics, having been the former highways minister.

“You know, I did a lot of work (as minister) on that Taylor Hill and I remember how challenged the hill was for many years,” said Falcon during her answer to Montgomery.

“I started to hear about it when I was in government Richard Neufeld and Blair Lekstrom and continue to hear about concerns in this region, like dust control, from the two (current) MLAs Dan Davies and Mike Bernier."

"I'm on top of it. I can assure you,” he ended.