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More summer property crime prevention tips

Report Suspicious Activity.
Stop crime before it starts.

Every summer police see an increase in thefts of seasonal recreational vehicles and items used during the summer months.

Protect your belongings: Property left in driveways, carports, backyards, or out at summer properties are prime targets for thieves. Items such as boats and trailers, personal water craft, dirt bikes, motorbikes, scooters, and ATVs should be stored and secured properly. Many summer seasonal recreation items are portable, valuable, and popular with thieves.

Dawson Creek RCMP have released some tips to help protect your summer. Follow a nightly checklist to ensure everything is locked up and secured for the night Store your valuable items inside your garage. Purchase a trailer lock that cannot be cut by bolt cutters. Use a wheel lock or chain through trailer tires. If storing outside, store in a well-lit area with security devices in place.

Do not leave keys in vehicles. Photograph your belongings to help identify if located. Record serial numbers (regardless of the value) so that they can be added to police computer records to aid in return if located.

Report Suspicious Activity: There is sometimes a misconception of when to call police.

The Dawson Creek RCMP recommends reporting all suspicious activity immediately to the Dawson Creek RCMP detachment at 250-784-3700 or 911. The members of the Dawson Creek RCMP would rather suspicious activity be reported and be unfounded than not reported at all.