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Mirror Talks – new series of video interviews

First episodes include talks with a Mile Zero voice, and Pink Floyd vocalist.
We'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon.

What is Mirror Talks?

It’s a series of real-time conversations in the longer form. Around 35 or 40 minutes or so.

There’s something about having one-on-one interviews you just can’t beat.

Why are we doing this? It is another extension of what a newspaper does around here. People like podcasts, readers like community content, so here’s more of both.

I watched Bill Maher effortlessly drop Club Random opening this summer and I thought – if he can bust one out with another weekly show - what’s the issue around here? Nothing at all.

Community is what we make it. We’ll talk to and have a jam with all kinds of local movers and shakers, as well as some guests from around the world.

I'm sure it will lead to a show or two with a live audience.

The first two episodes drop Friday – catch our conversations with Pink Floyd vocalist Durga McBroom, and local “That Man” around Dawson Creek - Paul Brent.

Want to sponsor a segment, or know someone we should chat with? Is there someone you want to see? 

Shoot us an email at