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Maskless shopper asked to leave Dawson Creek grocery store, taken into custody by RCMP

Attempted a citizen's arrest after attempting to buy soap in store without mask.

A man expected to attend a Saturday Freedom Rally in Dawson Creek was taken into custody by RCMP this afternoon after an incident with staff and more at No Frills.

Videos were rolling as Kevin J. Johnston attempted a citizen’s arrest live on Instagram at Dave’s No Frills.

“I made a citizen’s arrest,” noted Johnston many times after claiming he was assaulted by Dawson Creek No Frills operator Dave Krane.

Dawson Creek RCMP attended after about 10 minutes and immediately took Johnston into custody.

“You will get in the car now,” noted RCMP upon attending the No Frills parking lot.

“Come on, man,” replied Johnston claiming assault.

“Get in the truck man, this is not looking good for you," said RCMP as they proceeded to move Johnston into the back of their truck.

“Police brutality,” shouted Johnston’s supporters.

The incident began after Johnston attended the store without a mask to buy some soap, and he was asked to leave the store by staff.

Full video: 

Dawson Creek RCMP on scene