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Man who led police on three-hour chase released on bail

Amoz Bazinet faces 37 charges
Dawson Creek courthouse

A man who led Dawson Creek RCMP on a three-hour chase last summer was released on bail March 30.

Amoz Donald Bazinet, born 1979, was arrested July 10 after a series of alleged break-and-enters spiralled into a chase involving at least four stolen vehicles. Bazinet was charged with 37 offences following the chase. Judge Richard Blaskovits set the bail at $5,000.

In a letter to the city, sent to the Alaska Highway News earlier this month, Bazinet apologized for his actions.

"I didn't come to your town to cause problems or scare anybody," Bazinet wrote. "I'm not a bad person, I just made a bad choice that day."

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Bazinet is expected to appear before the courts again on April 12.

Police recieved a call last July about a series of break-and-enters in the Groundbirch area. When officers responded, they found Bazinet on a stolen motorcycle. He eluded capture for three hours.

Police said that Bazinet was armed with two stolen shotguns when he broke into a nearby garage and stole a truck by "(smashing) through an overhead door, narrowly missing a number of police officers."

When police disabled the truck, he fled on foot in a wooded area near the Bear Mountain ski hill.

Bazinet was eventually subdued in a farmer's field outside Dawson Creek. He was charged with destroying nearly $5,000 worth of crops during the chase. 

Police did not fire any shots while pursuing Bazinet.

"I'm lucky they were professional and didn't take my life," Bazinet wrote in his apology letter.

An unkown quantity of methamphetamine was found on Bazinet when he was arrested.

"Since I have been in jail, I have taken one-on-one counselling for drugs and alcohol," he added. "I have taken the time here to think about what I did and get clean so this never happens again."

With files from Jonny Wakefield.