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Maintenance staff: don’t take em’ for granted

Another edition of Potions with Merlin - the mayor of Chetwynd.
Taking for granted is not necessarily a bad attitude; rather, it assumes that those responsible know

If you are anything like me, you will be taking some things, probably many things, for granted. Someone else does the job; someone else is responsible.  Assuming that when I want to use the service it will be there and waiting for me, I’ll spend my energies elsewhere. Really, what else can I do, limited as I am by humanity – in fact, by aging humanity.

But taking for granted is not necessarily a bad attitude; rather, it assumes that those responsible know what they are doing, how to do it, and have the resources to accomplish the task. We give them respect with those assumptions. 

Within the District of Chetwynd we enjoy a multitude of services that make our lives easier and more enjoyable, which we use from time to time, and to which we give not a second thought unless our schedule is interrupted. I would like to acknowledge again the people who work in one of these services, whose efforts we normally do take for granted, and whose work does indeed make our community a better place.

During the winter months the staff at the Chetwynd and District Recreation Centre is kept busy with ice skating, hockey, figure skating, swimming, fitness programs, hall and room rental set ups, ghoulish affair planning, and other events. How long would you take the staff for granted if one or more of these activities dropped from the register?

But winter’s over – happily! With summer here and our interests already shifted to warm-weather events and activities in the great outdoors, how can the staff retain its productivity?

They tell me it’s not that hard to keep productively busy. When the ice comes out of the arena, facilities staff turns its attention to other events: gymnastics, British soccer camp, drama camp, science camp, volleyball camp, and swimming lessons. Easter eggstravaganza, Canada Day activities, and the trade fair take time and much energy. This year saw the first annual Chetwynd Chainsaw Carving half marathon with 24 participants; it was a running success; why not start training for 2017 (already).  

Maintenance staff have commenced pool servicing and the annual maintenance routine that has to be completed in the short summer season.  This year this maintenance will include bleacher and dressing room painting, floor refinishing, window washing, mechanical servicing of heating systems, and fire alarm and sprinkler testing. 

Throughout the year, pre-planning is done for summer capital work.  Last year, among other major improvements, new sound dampening baffles were installed in the pool.  This year, the annual shut down of the pool in August will provide opportunity for pool deck gutter and deck tile repair as well as replacement of pool filter baffles. In addition, filter pump base and piping repairs must be completed.  

The Rec Centre is also in the planning process to replace in 2017 its aging arena floor and the ammonia chiller and condenser tower for the refrigeration plant.  (Typical lifetime of a chiller is approximately 20 years.)  Management has applied for the Canada 150 Grant to assist with the project cost.

Planning is also underway to develop conceptual ideas for the rear exterior property of the Recreation Centre.

Your satisfaction and safety while using the Recreation Centre is of prime importance to Management and Staff.

Anyone taking these folks for granted?


—Merlin Nichols is mayor of Chetwynd