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LETTER to the EDITOR: is the provincial government progressive or regressive?

When it comes to the North, 'Beyond Hope, there is no hope'.
BC electoral map
The commission is collecting input from people before redrawing the map for B.C.'s provincial election ridings.

First off – let me say I am not a politician.

Politics in my mind is simply a joke, a retirement package funded through taxation, however a necessary sin.

Legislative members, who in all probability, have likely never been out of the lower mainland, continue to support legislative changes to the North, whether it pertains to hunting, fishing, or whatever, are totally unaware just how large the North is in area. All MLAs should do their homework before blindly following party lines.

Having attended a BC Electoral Boundaries Commission meeting – a self declared fact-finding, non-partisan committee, I was informed that our two districts, Peace River North and Peace River South fall well below the Provincial District population average.

The 7 Northern Districts (Peace River North, Peace River South, Stikine, Skeena, Nechako Lakes, Prince George-Mackenzie, Prince George-Valemount cover more than 50 percent of the total area of BC, from Alberta’s border to the Alaskan border, to the Yukon and NWT borders.

 A vast but sparsely populated region, and currently combined holds 8 percent of the total government seats.

The Electoral Boundary Commission is hearing public comments to help them decide on possible boundary changes. If they decided strictly on population, not considering the size, we in the northern half of the province could lose an MLA or two, lessening our representative numbers.

Thereby enforcing that we - the citizens in the north remain virtual slaves of Victoria – reinforcing the old adage that “beyond Hope, there is no hope.”

Northern BC is the financial lifeline/breadbasket of the province through oil, natural gas, mining, Hydro, lumber, farming and to even think about reducing our number of representatives is REGRESSING over 65 years back to pre-1955, when the Peace River Riding was split into two.

We need to wait to see the results of the Commission, trusting they will consider our concerns and with with bated breath to hear whether our current government is progressive, or regressive.

Glen Dalke - Dawson Creek