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LETTER: Preparing to Commemorate

Honouring family who serve.
USED Ottawa 7 - Poppies (Photo credit - Janet Stephens)

I would like to take this opportunity as we prepare to commemorate Nov 11, Remembrance Day to honour my family members who have served in the Canadian Military.

My Mother - Helen Bumstead recently celebrated her 95th birthday. Her father Angus McMaster served in WW1, her Uncle Daniel McMaster served and died in the same war.

Other family who have served include Joe McMaster - WW1,  Buster Burton and Charlie Burton - WW2,  Earl McMaster served and wounded Korea, Stan and Ted McMaster brothers served in the Navy,   nephews Michael McMaster and Duane Bumstead the Navy, -Great grandson Tyler Unger currently serving.

This family has over 100 years of service. I would like to honour each of them and all Canadians who have served this country. 

Thank you - Audrey Gladue