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LETTER: effort is our ecology

The relationship of Ecology.
Ecology is the study of the relationships between living organisms, including humans, and their physical environment.

The more we rely on electronic automation the average person becomes unused in one of their amenities.

Use it or lose it! If you study history, countries build up, become leaders of the world and then starts to become dysfunctional because the grass roots of society tend to be unknowingly inept.

This is about ecology not about being a religious concept. Insecurity brings out the predator mentality – survival instinct.  

Moses offered the Ten Commandments almost 3,000 years ago to teach this pathway to functional society. Truth is something like mathematics – pluses work better than minuses.  

Ecology is an area that everyone can comprehend as we recognized how our outdoor environment is so fertile, trees, grass, gardens, etc, etc.  The human being needs to look in the mirror to recognize whether you are a weed or a useful entity. ( We can learn.)

Mathematics is likely the only way to view this, plus or minus? Cultivated cultures.

Have something to offer the world. Let’s see that Canada can be an example to the rest of the world.  Love is the foundation to our environment. Have you ever heard the saying God is Love?

This is not about piety, it is about ecology.  

Ken Cameron - Dawson Creek, BC