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Law Society of BC's Innovation Sandbox initiative to improve public access to justice services

DC based participant takes part in new BC Law Society project.

Helping people with access to justice is what Acacia Counselling is all about.

The legal advice hub is a new endeavour working in conjunction with the Law Society of BC’s Innovation Sandbox - designed to provide greater access to the general public without the services of a lawyer - if one is not needed.

“We provide self-represented litigants the tools, knowledge, and guidance required to deal with their legal matters in an efficient, fair, and affordable manner,” says owner, Kate Hanen, a DC based approved participant in the program who has more than a decade experience of working with Dawson Creek and area justice system.

She says their focus will remain Motor Vehicle Act and Criminal Law matters proceeding summarily within the jurisdiction of the provincial court of BC.

“We are going to be focused on Criminal and MVA processes – a change in paperwork, and help at pleading guilty and being we are advocates, not agents,” Hanen adds.

The Innovation Sandbox expands access to justice by allowing non-lawyers to provide legal services.  For more information visit